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Now you can view ALL of your financial records (not just SJI’s) in one place: LPL Account View

If you’re a client just let us know and we’ll set up a private account for you. We’ll even pre-load the accounts we manage for you.

Then, after you set up your own password, you can put in all the rest of your accounts – mortgage, checking and saving, retirement accounts that we don’t manage, and so forth. You control what goes in.

Once everything is loaded, not only will you be able to see your total financial picture but your SJI Financial Representative can help you verify that your portfolio is balanced – and help you to better balance it if not. We’ll also help you to ensure that your life and financial situation as well as your goals are well-reflected in your portfolio.

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Fun fact: Arizona’s economy ranks #10 in the US (in terms of strength, not size).

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