Our Clients


SJI has the experience and tools to help you meet your personal financial objectives, determine exactly what you are looking for and how much risk you are willing to take.  We will design a custom investment strategy just for you.


We have access to a range of investment products and tools including an advisory platform that includes mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and separately managed accounts.  Call us to see how we can help you!



SJI has been helping to create retirement plans for retirees since our inception more than 20 years ago.  We pride ourselves on providing, maintaining and monitoring investment plans that provide reliable, dependable income streams for our retired clients.  By combining all the financial products at our disposal including fixed and variable annuities, fee based management accounts, mutual funds and more, we help meet the needs of our retired friends.



SJI prides itself on providing the finest, most competent financial services to all members of the educational community since we opened our doors in 1987.  In fact, our President, James Bishopp, is the son of two teachers and has written a book on retirement planning for educators:  A Lesson Plan in Retirement. 


Through our years of experience and as Representatives of Voya Financial Advisors, we provide financial services and investment products to literally thousands of employees of the Grand Canyon State’s educational employers.


Public Sector

School District Employers:

The 403(b) regulation change that occurred in January 2009 afforded us an opportunity to work closely with a large number of school districts throughout Arizona.  Voya provides Third Party Administration (TPA) services for more than 60 Arizona school districts, and an investment provider to 403(b) and 457 plans for dozens of other school districts.


ASRS Employees:

Since our beginning, retirement planning has been a paramount aspect of our business.  We strive to stay true to this and always be knowledgeable about the most current legislation that affects public service and education professionals.  This helps us to find the best retirement, health insurance, and disability benefits to fit your needs. 


If you are an employee of the state, it is essential that you begin taking advantage of your opportunities and start working towards retirement.  SJI Financial Services will help you plan for your next stage.


Business Owners

The backbone of America is small business owners.  Our president began SJI Financial Services himself in 1987 as a small financial firm which has grown tremendously.  This first-hand experience gives us special insight into the needs of small business owners. 


If you are a local business owner seeking financial direction, look no further.  Call us to see how our experience can help you achieve your personal goals for your business.


Public Safety and Services

Police, Firefighters and Public Services Employees:

Over ten years ago, we got a call from a longtime friend who happened to be a firefighter in Flagstaff.  It turned out that he had a colleague who was terminally ill and needed our help in managing financial matters for the family.  Of course, we obliged thus beginning our work with Public Service employees. 


Today, through our relationship with Voya Financial Advisors, we offer 457 Deferred Compensation plans to several municipalities and fire districts, and provide financial services to hundreds of Public Service employees.