Welcome and thank you for your interest in SJI Financial Services. For more than 20 years we have been providing customized financial solutions for our clients. We have a broad array of clients but we also have particular experience with the education and public service industries. We currently manage over $100,000,000 in client assets.

SJI Financial will help you gain a better understanding of the financial concepts behind insurance, investing, retirement, estate planning, and wealth preservation.  This website provides you with a wealth of information in the form of newsletter articles, calculators, and research reports.

Most importantly, we hope you see the value of working with skilled professionals to pursue your financial goals.  

Here at SJI Financial we work hard in providing clients with these tools:

  • A clear understanding of financial goals
  • A well-defined strategy for achieving those goals
  • Ongoing advice to help adjust strategy when change is needed
  • Explain how changing of financial conditions can affect financial goals
  • Make managing investments easier
  • Offering SJI WealthLink to show your whole financial picture

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Retirement Plan Early Distribution

Estimate how much would remain after paying income taxes and penalties if you took an early distribution from a retirement plan.

IRA Eligibility

Use this calculator to determine whether you qualify for the different types of IRAs.

Car Affordability

How much can you afford to pay for a car?

Mortgage Refinancing

Determine whether you should consider refinancing your mortgage.

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Cleaning Up Your Financial Records

Make it easier to find financial documents when you need them with these organization tips.

TIPS for Inflation Protection

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities could help provide a hedge against future inflation.

Reading into the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book

A look at how the FOMC compiles the Beige Book and some of the useful information that can be found in it.

Overcoming Cloud Confusion

Cloud-based services available to businesses and some of the pros and cons.

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